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Vaughn Oliver is what happens when you take a 7 year old boy with music-loving parents and give him 3 years of piano lessons, a hand-me-down guitar, an Uncle with tendencies for heavier sounds, and then send him off into this world.

While not always the brightest tool in the deck, Vaughn Oliver has – or at least has been told he has – a natural ear for music. He moved from Central Alberta (you may have heard of it) to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he currently hangs his head and rests his hat.

A range of musical influences and a love for all sounds means you never know what to expect. From singing and songwriting to engineering and producing, Vaughn Oliver is a source of high input and output. (He even created this website (“Hello, World!”))

     If you’d like to know more, you can find Vaughn Oliver on the social medias, his blog which is updated frequently, or send him a message! Technology is great, isn’t it??


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